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Free cultural programs for teens, including Friday night film screenings, Saturdays art walks and free seats to cultural events. Open to all Bay Area students, middle school through college. Established 1993. 


Our annual prize for writing on film!

Each year San Francisco Art & Film offers the Tarkovsky Prize for the best student essay on a film screened at Cine Club. This year’s entries are due March 15th and can be submitted to 

First Place: $200 Second Place: $100 Third Place $75

Guidelines for essays on film:
Please do not write a review.  This should be an essay that explores what you think the film is about, using details from the film to illustrate your premise. The more personal and specific the writing, the better the essay. Film is a visual medium so you want to pay special attention to the imagery used in the film and some of the images that left an impression on you as it relates to your subject.

You do not need to summarize the entire plot, you can presume the reader is familiar with the film. That said, you need to provide enough context for your ideas to bring the reader with you as you make your case.

For examples of what we are looking for, you can click through last year’s winning entries:

The 2018 Winners of the Tarkovsky Essay Award